The application of CNC lathe processing equipment is one of the bases of the development competitiveness of enterprises. In the precision machining, the workpiece processing requirements generally adopt the form of CNC lathe parts processing for precision machining.

In the process of precision machining, the machining factory should not only meet the technical requirements of customers' workpiece processing, but also pay attention to the improvement of production efficiency and workers' work efficiency, so as to bring more economic and long-term effective service to customers.

First of all, after receiving the customer's drawing processing requirements, before starting precision machining, we should select the appropriate CNC machine tools, and write several sets of economic and effective programs for processing procedures.

Then, the appropriate NC machining scheme of precision parts is formulated, the drawings of the parts to be processed are analyzed, the processing contents of the parts are analyzed, and the appropriate processing technology is adopted.

In the processing of precision mechanical parts, it is important to write and design the process flow, because the process steps of parts processing, the selection of benchmark, the selection of processing tools, the selection and installation of fixtures, and the determination of processing strategies and process parameters affect the quality of products.

The old CNC machine tool spindle control generally uses DC servo or AC analog servo drive system, according to the use of demand, can not retain the original drive device and spindle motor, using AC digital servo drive system instead or using inverter control. It can also retain the original drive system, such as the AC analog servo drive system in good condition; the DC servo drive system can retain the DC motor in good condition, and use the new DC servo control device to replace the old drive device.