When processing CNC lathe parts, pay attention to the step-by-step completion of the process, follow the process to process, indispensable process or inadvertently complete the process, according to the process requirements to carry out the relevant process steps, spindle speed, tool post feed, and tool Pre-selection of sports trajectory and continuous offside.

Matters needing attention in CNC lathe processing:

When changing the rotation direction of the spindle, stop the spindle first, and do not change the rotation direction suddenly.

When aligning the workpiece, only use the hand to move the chuck or start low-speed alignment, not high-speed alignment.

The tool should not be installed too long, the gasket should be flat and the width should be the same as the width of the bottom of the tool.

It is not allowed to drive the reverse rotation to brake the spindle rotation during work. 

When loading and unloading the chuck, only turn the V-belt by hand to drive the spindle to rotate. It is forbidden to directly drive the machine tool to loosen or tighten it. At the same time, block wooden boards on the bed surface to prevent accidents.