Deburring process of precision parts is a combination of mechanical and chemical methods. Precision parts use a kind of product called deburring magnetic grinding machine, which breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept. It uses the unique energy conduction of magnetic field to produce high-speed rotary motion of stainless steel needle grinding material, and collides with vulnerable burr parts, so as to achieve efficient deburring, burring, peak edge, and make the surface and interior of the product identical When deburring, polishing, cleaning, so that after a new product, let people see a bright, product quality straight line.

Deburring and brightening the surface and inner hole of precision parts (including CNC, machining center, CNC lathe, lathe parts, turning parts, screws, die casting parts, stamping parts, automatic turning and other products) at one time. It can be applied to stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, hard plastic, light iron and other non-magnetic products. The industry adapts to a wide range. For example, jewelry crafts industry, electronics, communications, machinery, medical, aerospace and so on. This method is simple and needs no professional operation. It can deburr the workpiece with complex structure (such as inner corner hole) or the easily damaged part or the easily bent part without damaging the workpiece, so as to obtain a more precise workpiece.

Compared with the traditional deburring method, it is easier, cheaper and more labor-saving, and the quality of the workpiece is greatly improved. Deburring refers to the removal of extremely fine metal particles on the surface of the workpiece, which are called burrs.

They are formed in the process of cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chip processing. In order to improve the quality and service life, it is necessary to deburr all metal precision parts. The surface, sharp corners and edges of the workpiece must have a very high degree of metal cleanliness. If necessary, it should also be suitable for non electroplated and electroplated metals. The traditional deburring process is mechanical process, such as grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation. The quality of the processed workpiece is often not guaranteed; the production cost and personnel cost are very high. Using the deburring process of deburring magnetic grinding machine, the workpiece is grinded in the barrel with grinding material for 3-15 minutes. It can remove all the tiny burr of precision parts, make the surface of the workpiece smooth and smooth, and bring unprecedented high quality to users. And it will not affect the precision of the product. Deburring with deburring magnetic grinding machine is not only environmental protection, but also can save a lot of production and personnel costs.