Surface treatment of metal parts processing is to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functions of products. 

For metal parts processing, the more common surface treatment methods are mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, spraying surface, etc

1、 Surface deformation strengthening

Surface deformation strengthening

Surface deformation strengthening refers to the surface strengthening process which makes the steel parts plastic deformation at room temperature to improve the surface hardness and produce favorable residual compressive stress distribution.

Shot peening

Shot peening is a kind of strengthening technology that a large number of high-speed moving projectiles are sprayed on the surface of parts, just like innumerable small hammers hammering the metal surface, causing certain plastic deformation on the surface and subsurface of parts.

Rolling treatment

The free rotating quenched steel roller is used to roll the machined surface of the steel parts to produce plastic deformation, flatten the rough convex peaks on the surface of the steel parts and form favorable residual compressive stress, so as to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the parts.
Application: cylindrical surface, conical surface, plane and other simple shape parts
Surface bulging (extruding or extruding)
Surface blotting is to squeeze a steel ball or other shape blotting tool with a diameter slightly larger than the hole diameter through the machined inner hole of the workpiece at room temperature to obtain an accurate, smooth and strengthened surface.

2、 Surface coating strengthening

Surface coating strengthening

Surface coating strengthening is a kind of surface strengthening process that one or more layers of other metals or nonmetals are coated on the metal surface by physical or chemical methods.

Metal spraying technology

The process of heating metal powder to molten or semi molten state, atomizing it with high pressure air flow and spraying it on the surface of workpiece to form coating is called thermal spraying.