Precision parts are used in communications, automobiles, watches, medical, computers, aerospace and other industries. Different from ordinary parts, precision parts have higher precision and are more suitable for industries with higher writing accuracy. Today Follow ptj to take a look at the technological development of precision parts processing.

Before the industrial revolution, most of the machinery was hand-made wooden structures. Metal was only suitable for manufacturing instruments, watches, pumps, locks, and small parts on wooden structure machinery. Metal processing was mainly based on the finesse of the machining staff. The operation reaches the required precision. With the widespread use of steam engines and the subsequent development of large-scale machinery such as metallurgy, mining, transmission and locomotives, more and more metal parts need to be formed and cut. The metal materials used are copper and iron. Developed to mainly steel;

The rapid development of mechanical processing has ensured the supply of various mechanical equipment required for production, and with the increase in production batches and the development of precision processing technology, it has promoted the formation of a large number of production methods. Shenzhen ptj Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has twenty-six years of precision machining experience. The precision machining machines currently equipped include CNC vertical machining centers, walking CNC lathes, walking CNC lathes, and turning-milling composite machining centers. Equipment, which can complete the customization and mass production of precision components such as communications, automobiles, watches, computers, aerospace, etc., especially in the fields of communications and medical accessories, and it has an industry-leading advantage. If you have precision parts processing needs , You are welcome to call ptj, we will provide you with complete product solutions and quality services.