Balancing machines are widely used in modern machinery, and the choice of lubrication methods is also very important. Traditional lubrication methods generally use oil lubrication, but in the deweighting process, the chips are easy to fall and get stuck on the bearing bush, which affects the deweighting balance. Accuracy.
If the bearing bush of the balancer adopts micro-lubrication, it can effectively solve the problem that the chips are easy to fall and get stuck on the bearing bush and affect the accuracy of the balance of weight removal. It will also obtain many benefits: The use of micro-lubrication can reduce oil consumption and save energy. Environmentally friendly
The running cost of the micro-lubrication system is very low. Compressed air is the power source of the system, and the energy consumption is low; it can reduce the damage caused by chip jamming between the bearing bush and the journal when using oil lubrication;
It can provide good lubrication to the drill bit and prolong the service life of the cutting tool-the drill bit.Compared with traditional lubrication methods, there are many advantages of micro-lubrication. In order to ensure the effect of micro-lubrication, special attention should be paid to the following two points:
Dry and stable air source: The stability of the air source pressure is an important factor for the normal operation of the micro-lubrication device.The power source of the micro-lubrication device is compressed air, so the stability of the compressed air pressure is very important.The moisture in the compressed air will directly affect the atomization effect, and the lubrication effect will also be affected. Therefore, the stability of the air source pressure and the drying of the air source are very important.
2. The design of the oil mist output channel size of the bearing bush of the balancer is very important, and its rationality directly affects the lubrication effect of the bearing bush.For the design of the bearing bush, in practical applications, the design passage of the bearing bush does not need to be too large, and the corresponding calculation can generally be carried out according to the size of the journal.The micro-lubrication itself has a very small diameter at the lubrication terminal.If the passage is too large, the air supply will be insufficient and the oil mist output will be too large, resulting in an impact on the operating environment.Full attention should be paid to the design.

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