Car engine and air-conditioning system have poor heat dissipation, causing the water temperature to be too high, which will cause the following failure phenomena:
1. When the traffic is not smooth-traffic jam or idling for a long time, the engine water temperature gauge shows too high, the electronic fan works for too long at high speed, the engine noise increases, and the temperature is too high when the air conditioner is turned on and the fault* is obvious.
2. When the air conditioner is turned on when the temperature is too high, the idling speed is unstable and the speed fluctuates too much, the acceleration is weak, and the engine makes abnormal noise.
3. After a hot car is turned off for more than ten minutes, it is not easy to get on the car when starting; sometimes it will automatically turn off when a hot car is driving.
4. The air conditioning refrigeration temperature is very cool when the car is cold, and the cooling effect of the air conditioning is not obvious when the car is hot; and there is a large resonance hum in the air conditioning system.
5. When the hot car is idling, the air-conditioning compressor clutch is frequently interrupted or even disconnected, causing the air-conditioning of the hot car to not be cooled.
The solution to the high water temperature of the automobile engine:
1. After the car is warmed up, check the water return of the return pipe at the upper end of the antifreeze storage tank. If the return water is not smooth or blocked, the water temperature will be too high.
Warm reminder: Do not blindly disassemble and replace parts during maintenance.
2. Check whether there is too much dust between the condenser and the water tank, and clean it thoroughly with high-pressure air to ensure that the water tank and the condenser have good heat dissipation performance.
Warm reminder: usually pay attention to wipe the dust between the condenser and the water tank.
3. When the car is warming up, check the temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes of the water tank. If the temperature difference is too large, check the opening of the thermostat and whether the water pump has a rotation speed failure.
Warm reminder: The temperature difference between the upper and lower pipes of the water tank should not be too large.
4. Due to the irregular addition and replacement of antifreeze, the engine water channel and water tank will be blocked in advance and the water temperature will be high. The antifreeze is replaced once every two years, and original parts must be used when replacing and adding.
Warm reminder: After adding water to the engine cooling system, or the concentration of the added antifreeze exceeds 60%, it will cause the water temperature to be too high.
5. The high pressure at the high pressure end of the air conditioning system is too high; the air conditioning refrigerant or air conditioning refrigeration lubricating oil is overfilled; the self-adjustment function of the internal self-tuning air conditioning compressor fails, causing the high pressure to be too high; there is also the blockage of the air conditioning condenser, The above failures will increase the load of the engine, consume the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system, and cause the failure of the guide water temperature to be too high.
Warm reminder: Too little or too much air-conditioning refrigerant will reduce the cooling effect.

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