The tool magazine is very important for Cnc Machining manufacturers, and all kinds of process processing are completed by the tool magazine. Tool magazines are generally divided into three types, disc type, hat type and chain type tool magazine. The tool change and tool magazine selection of Cnc Processing manufacturers can determine the number of tools required according to the process analysis results of the workpiece to be processed. Usually, the capacity of the tool magazine is determined by the number of tools required for a part in a clamping, because the capacity of the tool magazine is changed. When a part is processed, it is necessary to rearrange the tools of the precision CNC machining manufacturer, otherwise the tool management is complicated and error-prone.

Five-axis machining manufacturers are currently very hot-selling machine tools. They are mainly used in university maker studios, scientific research units to process small parts, university teaching, and its biggest features are high cost performance, good stability, strong reliability, and machining accuracy. high. CNC processing manufacturers can process some flat, curved, and variable-bevel parts. The biggest disadvantage of five-axis processing manufacturers is that they have certain constraints on the scale of the processed parts.

According to statistical data, precision CNC machining manufacturers should use a tool magazine with about 20 knives, and horizontal machining centers should use a tool magazine with about 40 knives. Of course, it must be finalized according to actual needs. For machining center machine tools used in flexible manufacturing units (fmc) or flexible manufacturing systems (fms), the tool magazine capacity should be a large-capacity tool magazine, or even an exchangeable tool magazine.

Steps of installing, changing and selecting tools for precision CNC machining manufacturers:

It is very simple for CNC processing manufacturers to install the tool. Record the type and purpose of the installed tool and the corresponding tool holder number, and select a tool holder in the tool magazine to install the tool.

When changing the tool, it is divided into the following three situations:

1. The tool on the spindle of the CNC machining center is an optional tool holder, and the tool to be changed is a fixed tool holder

Steps: tool magazine→tool selection→to the tool change position→manipulator takes out the tool→load into the spindle, the tool removed from the spindle is sent to the empty tool position nearby.

2. The tool on the spindle of the small CNC machining center is placed in a fixed tool holder, and the tool to be changed is an optional or fixed tool holder

Tool change steps: tool magazine→tool selection→to change position→manipulator takes out the tool→load the spindle. When the tool removed from the spindle is sent to the tool magazine, the tool magazine should be rotated to the position of receiving the tool in advance.

3. Both the tool on the spindle and the tool to be changed are optional tool holders

The tool change steps are as above, and the tool removed from the spindle is loaded into the tool holder to be changed.

There are also three ways to select tools for CNC machining center manufacturers:

  • 1. Select the tools in sequence, install the tools in the tool holder according to the order in which the tools are used, and select them one by one according to the order, and then return to the original position after use.
  • 2. Select the tool at will, encode the tool holder, put the corresponding tool into the prescribed tool holder, and use the address T to mark the tool holder code of the tool at the same time of programming.
  • 3. Memorize the tool selection. In the memory of the machining center, record the tool number, storage location and tool seat number. When the tool storage address changes, the machining center memory will also change. In the tool magazine of a small machining center It is equipped with a position detection device, and the tool can be taken out and sent back at will.

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