Standard model and parameters Model and name Maximum test value accuracy/% EHB-100A standard dynamometer 10000kg 0.3 SZG-141B digital speed 10000rmin-10.0222 self-inspection conditions Working temperature 1035, the environment is dry, clean, and vibration-free.

The difference between the load display value of the self-checking equipment load and the actual force applied to the drum is the load error. (1) The installation of the EHB-100A standard dynamometer The standard dynamometer is fixed on the bracket, the dynamometer probe should be located on the plane composed of the rim and the center axis of the drum, and the end with the probe rests on the drum Up, the other end is towards the rim, as shown.

(2) Load test Choose 5 force points for load test on each station. In accordance with our factory’s inspection requirements for finished tires, five force points of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5t are selected at the 1 and 2 stations. The installation of the EHB-100A standard dynamometer indicates the rim; 2 standard dynamometer ; 3 brackets; 4 drums and 4 stations to choose five force points 0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.5 and 2t. The equipment applies a load from the rim to the standard dynamometer through hydraulic transmission. When the equipment displays the selected afterburner value Xi (i=15), the readings Li of the standard dynamometer are recorded respectively.

(3) Calculation of load error The relative load error i corresponding to each point is calculated according to formula (1): i (%) = Xi-LiLi100 (1) The difference between the speed error of the self-checking device speed display value and the actual linear speed of the drum Is the speed error.

(1) Speed ​​measurement The SZG-141B digital tachometer is portable, so there is no need to install it. When testing, stick the reflective film on the drum and hold the steady tachometer. When measuring the speed, use the tachometer to obtain the standard value of the drum speed Ni first after the drum rotates stably. According to the diameter of the drum, the standard linear velocity value vi of the outer edge of the drum can be calculated as 0.3216Ni. Measuring 1 and 2 stations At the speed, the measured speed vi given by the equipment starts from 50kmh-1, and the speed is increased by 20kmh-1 each time until the speed reaches 150kmh-1, and then the speed is increased to 160kmh-1, and the standard speed Ni of the drum is measured with the tachometer. When measuring the speed at stations 3 and 4, the measured speed vi given by the equipment starts from 80kmh-1, and increases the speed by 20kmh-1 each time until the speed reaches 220kmh-1. At the same time, record the standard rotation speed value corresponding to each speed. The same method can calculate the standard linear velocity at each speed.

(2) Calculation of speed error The relative speed error i corresponding to each point is calculated according to formula (2): i(%)=vi-vivi100=vi-0.3216Ni0.3216Ni100 (2) Processing of self-check results at each point in load detection The absolute value of the corresponding load relative error is less than the load accuracy requirement, then the load test is qualified; the absolute value of the speed relative error corresponding to each point in the speed test is less than the speed accuracy requirement, then the speed test is qualified. If one of the items checked above is unqualified, the equipment is deemed unqualified and must be re-adjusted and tested until all items are qualified.

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