Promote the improvement of the overall level of bearing quality. With the development of non-state-owned bearing factories, bearing production has expanded rapidly, and market competition is very fierce, especially for low- and medium-grade ball bearings. The supply exceeds demand. In order to occupy the market, they have worked hard on quality and set precision indicators. The internal control standard is higher than the current national standard, and the precision reserve rate of middle and low-grade bearings is improved.

Develop high-quality precision bearings to replace imports and fill the domestic gap. Produce high-quality bearings to enter the international market. At present, the bearing market has turned into a stage of quality competition, and the result will inevitably promote the improvement of the overall quality level of the entire industry. Improve the ability to resist risks after China’s entry into the WTO, certain mechanical and electrical products will cancel import controls and tariff reductions, foreign products will soon enter the domestic market, and the bearing industry will be greatly affected.

However, with the development of non-state-owned bearing factories, especially the development of private bearing factories in recent years, the overall production capacity, technical level, management methods and sales channels of the industry have been greatly improved. In addition, the private bearing factories' New concepts and fast shifts. Once the conditions are ripe or needed, they will spontaneously or horizontally unite under the guidance of the government to form a large group to improve market competitiveness. All these can improve the ability to resist risks after joining the WTO.

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